Bread-making qualities of the cultivars of winter hexaploid triticale


Results of the breeding of a winter triticale for improved bread-making qualities are reported. The importance of the creation of the cultivars with a balanced fractional composition of protein complex is demonstrated. It is revealed that the multiline Raritet, Amos, and Markiyan cultivars of the winter triticale produce the grain with stably high quality… (More)
DOI: 10.3103/S1068367413020183


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@article{Shchipak2013BreadmakingQO, title={Bread-making qualities of the cultivars of winter hexaploid triticale}, author={G. V. Shchipak and Yu. V. Tsupko and V. G. Shchipak}, journal={Russian Agricultural Sciences}, year={2013}, volume={39}, pages={95-101} }