Brc1-mediated DNA repair and damage tolerance.

  title={Brc1-mediated DNA repair and damage tolerance.},
  author={Daniel M. Sheedy and Dora Dimitrova and Jessica K Rankin and Kirstin L Bass and Karen Shi Mei Lee and Claudia Tapia-Alveal and Susan H. Harvey and J. M. Murray and Matthew J O'Connell},
  volume={171 2},
The structural maintenance of chromosome (SMC) proteins are key elements in controlling chromosome dynamics. In eukaryotic cells, three essential SMC complexes have been defined: cohesin, condensin, and the Smc5/6 complex. The latter is essential for DNA damage responses; in its absence both repair and checkpoint responses fail. In fission yeast, the UV-C and ionizing radiation (IR) sensitivity of a specific hypomorphic allele encoding the Smc6 subunit, rad18-74 (renamed smc6-74), is suppressed… CONTINUE READING


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