Brazilian facilities to study radiation effects in electronic devices

  title={Brazilian facilities to study radiation effects in electronic devices},
  author={Nilberto H. Medina and Marcilei A. G. da Silveira and Nemitala Added and Vitor A. P. de Aguiar and Fernando Aguirre and Renato C. Giacomini and Eduardo L. A. Macchione and M. A. A. de Melo and Jo{\~a}o A. B. P. Oliveira and Roberto B. B. Santos and L. E. Seixas and M. H. Tabacniks},
  journal={2013 14th European Conference on Radiation and Its Effects on Components and Systems (RADECS)},
Three facilities in Brazil are being prepared and upgraded to test and to qualify electronic devices regarding their tolerance to TID and SEE: a 60 kV X-ray source, a 1.7 MV Pelletron accelerator for low energy proton beams and an 8 MV Pelletron accelerator that produces heavy ion beams. MOSFET transistors were exposed to 10-keV X-rays and to 2.4 MeV… CONTINUE READING