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Brazil's leading university: between intelligentsia, world standards and social inclusion 1

  title={Brazil's leading university: between intelligentsia, world standards and social inclusion 1},
  author={Simon Schwartzman},
El desafio de crear universidades de rango mundial
D I R E C C I O N E S P A R A E L D E S A R R O L L O Desarrollo humano Cada vez mas los gobiernos son conscientes de la importante contribucion que universidades de rango mundial y de un alto
Brazil’s exception to the world-class university movement
The continued importance of university rankings has only served to fuel the growth of the ‘world-class’ university movement. There is a growing impression that, in a globalised and interconnected
Academic Freedom and Emerging Research Universities
HIGHER EDUCATION HAS REEMERGED AS A KEY INGREDIENT IN THE developm ent strategies o f em erging nations and econom ies, with unprecedented grow th in its provision and participation rates. Worldwide
The Impact of International Student Mobility Programs on Brazilian Students’ Perceptions of Entrepreneurialism
This article assesses whether or not students with international exchange experience return to their home countries with qualitatively different perspectives on the way universities can play a role
Relationships between University Performances and Economic Growth
Universities play an important role in the economic development - knowledge economy. Previous studies proposition that universities significantly contribute to the economic development of the
Culture and Leadership of State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in Eastern Visayas, Philippines
Leaders define the blueprint of any organization and their actions in most cases are governed or influenced by the organizational culture. Using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ5x) and
The Challenge of Establishing World-Class Research Universities in Emerging Economies
Governments in emerging economies are becoming increasingly aware of the important contribution that high performance research universities make to global competitiveness and economic growth. There
Fostering Cross-border Learning and Engagement through Study Abroad Scholarships: Lessons from Brazil's Science without Borders Program
This study examines the potential benefits of participating in the Science without Borders (Ciência sem Fronteiras CsF) program, a study abroad scholarship program created in 2011 by the Brazilian
Tensões e contradições do conceito de organização aplicado à universidade: o caso da criação da USP-Leste
O estabelecimento de um novo campus da Universidade de Sao Paulo em uma area periferica da cidade de Sao Paulo e analisada neste artigo como um caso empirico das tensoes entre a concepcao


Bandeirantes and Pioneers
The Idea of a University
Since its publication almost 150 years ago, "The Idea of a higher education. The issues that John Henry Newman raised - the place of religion and moral values in the university setting, the competing
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