Braudel's Concepts and Methodology Reconsidered

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The Maritime Traditions of the Fishermen of Socotra, Yemen
The Socotra archipelago lies approximately 135 nautical miles northeast of Cape Guardafui, Somalia and 205 nautical miles south of Rās Fartaq, Yemen. The archipelago is made up of four main islands,
Merchants of the City: Situating the London Estate of the Drapers’ Company, c. 1540-1640
Through a case study of the Drapers’ Company, this thesis examines the role London’s livery companies played in the built environment of the early modern City.1 Broadly, it is concerned with tracing
Braudel’s Mature Mediterranean: Civilization and Capitalism
This paper identifies the mature form of Braudel’s conception of the Mediterranean within the broader context of his Civilization and Capitalism: 15th–18th Century, where it is only indirectly
The long and the short of it: The value of the concept of the longue dure'e in the analysis of contemporary economic development and decline
The general Italian economic crisis triggered with the onset of the Eurozone has revealed several structural weaknesses in the economy of the Marche region. It has also revealed how its industrial
An annales school-based serious game creation framework for taiwanese indigenous cultural heritage
It is verified that integrating the cross-disciplinary methods of anthropologists, history teachers, tribal elders, and game designers to establish instructional goals and design foci for game development and to create a cultural heritage serious game-creation framework warrants further study and effort.
The logic of inquiry in social sciences, the case of economics in particular
The present-day epistemology of social science resembles a picture puzzle whose pieces are scattered to and fro across the vast domain of philosophical inquiry. This study attempts to assemble them


Annaliste Paradigm? The Geohistorical Structuralism of Fernand Braudel
ing from this description to draw out its analytic features, the passage might be phrased thus: Meteorological and biological systems interact so that some rhythms in the possible combinations of
Les origines intellectuelles de Fernand Braudel : un témoignage
  • P. Braudel
  • History
    Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales
  • 1992
Je voudrais d'abord me faire pardonner de m'exprimer en français. Comment faire autrement ? Je comprends très bien l'espagnol, mais je le parle très mal ; de plus je n'ai pas l'habitude de parler en
Capitalism Enshrined: Braudel's Triptych of Modern Economic History
  • S. Kinser
  • Economics, History
    The Journal of Modern History
  • 1981
Fernand Braudel's massive new work poses itself against those "traditional schemas" which describe early modern European economic life as a unified if hesitant development toward the Industrial
The identity of France