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Brassiodol, a new iodised oil for goitrous patients.

  title={Brassiodol, a new iodised oil for goitrous patients.},
  author={Y. Ingenbleek and L. Jung and G. F{\'e}rard},
  journal={Collegium antropologicum},
  volume={22 1},
A new iodised oil, called Brassiodol, is proposed to prevent or eradicate 127I-deficiency disorders. Its original synthesis utilises rapeseed oil as vehicle of iodination, allowing the covalent binding of 127I atoms to all olefin groups of fatty acids (FAs). The final product contains 376 mg 127I/mL, manifests high refractoriness to degradative processes and is well tolerated by goitrous patients. The proposed dosage is 1 mL/year in adults owing to the rapid deiodination and massive 127I… Expand
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