author={J. H. Winter},
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In discussing the choice of a brass instrument and the tests and criteria to be applied in making this choice, some basic groundrules can be helpful. Regarding brands, the top lines of the major U.S. companies and the better-known European companies, as well as some new entries from Japan, are generally well-made, satisfactory instruments. In many cases, the so-called "second" lines are made on the same mandrels as their more expensive counterparts and differ only in external appearance. The… Expand
Stealthy Footsteps to the Boardroom: Executives' Backgrounds, Sophisticated Interpersonal Influence Behavior, and Board Appointments
Drawing from theory and research on interpersonal attraction, as well as interviews with 42 directors of large U.S. industrial and service firms, we identified a set of social influence tactics thatExpand
The partition of India and retributive genocide in the Punjab, 1946-47: Means, methods, and purposes 1
Genocide studies suffer from several defects that compromise the systematic study of its origins, the dynamic processes by which it is produced, contained, or prevented. These defects includeExpand
A Human-Centered Approach to Hazard Evaluation Checklists for the Risk of Back Pain in Manual Handling Tasks
A case study was conducted to show the importance of focusing on workers’ welfare and supported the claim that the risk of occurrence of low back pain might increase with the combination of work-related tasks and contributory factors. Expand
Development of sustainable supply chain management games(審査報告)
This research is intended to develop a Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) game capable of integrating the 3 main dimensions of sustainability and risk. Researchers have developed severalExpand
Queering gender in contemporary female Bildung narrative
Abstract The paper explores, in the context of feminist discussions about the Bildungsroman, a contemporary British novel that offers shocking images of female coming of age at the turn of theExpand