Brans-Dicke theory in Bondi-Sachs form: Asymptotically flat solutions, asymptotic symmetries, and gravitational-wave memory effects

  title={Brans-Dicke theory in Bondi-Sachs form: Asymptotically flat solutions, asymptotic symmetries, and gravitational-wave memory effects},
  author={Shammi Tahura and David A. Nichols and Alexander Saffer and Leo C. Stein and Kent Yagi},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
Gravitational-wave memory effects are identified by their distinctive effects on families of freely falling observers: after a burst of waves pass by their locations, memory effects can cause lasting relative displacements of the observers. These effects are closely related to the infrared properties of gravity and other massless field theories, including their asymptotic symmetries and conserved quantities. In this paper, we investigate the connection between memory effects, symmetries, and… 
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