Brane worlds in 5D and warped compactifications in IIB

  title={Brane worlds in 5D and warped compactifications in IIB},
  author={Senarath P. de Alwis},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
  • S. D. Alwis
  • Published 14 July 2004
  • Mathematics
  • Physics Letters B

AdS strings with torsion: Noncomplex heterotic compactifications

Combining the effects of fluxes and gaugino condensation in heterotic supergravity, we use a ten-dimensional approach to find a new class of four-dimensional supersymmetric AdS4 compactifications on

The dimensional reduction and Kähler metric of forms in flux and warping

A bstractWe present a first-principles derivation of the Kähler metric for axion-like moduli of conformally Calabi-Yau compactifications of IIB string theory with imaginary self-dual 3-form flux at

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We study supersymmetry breaking effects induced on D3-branes at singularities by the presence of NSNS and RR 3-form fluxes. First, we discuss some local constructions of chiral models from D3-branes

Large-volume flux compactifications: Moduli spectrum and D3/D7 soft supersymmetry breaking

We present an explicit calculation of the spectrum of a general class of string models, corresponding to Calabi-Yau flux compactifications with h1,2 > h1,1 > 1 with leading perturbative and


OF THE DISSERTATION Flux compactifications, dual gauge theories and supersymmetry breaking by Gonzalo Torroba Dissertation Director: Professor Michael R. Douglas The nonholomorphic sector of four

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Models with extra dimensions have attracted much interest recently because they may provide the solution for long standing problems in physics. One interesting and very attractive idea is that our



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Warped compactifications with significant warping provide one of the few known mechanisms for naturally generating large hierarchies of physical scales. We demonstrate that this mechanism is

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We discuss the compactification of type IIB supergravity with fluxes to generate a potential for the moduli. In particular we resolve an apparent conflict with the no-go theorem for de Sitter space.

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