Brane world effective actions for D-branes with fluxes

  title={Brane world effective actions for D-branes with fluxes},
  author={Matteo Bertolini and Marco Billo' and Alberto Lerda and Jos{\'e} Francisco Mart{\'i}n Morales and Rodolfo Russo},
Abstract We develop systematic string techniques to study brane world effective actions for models with magnetized (or equivalently intersecting) D-branes. In particular, we derive the dependence on all NS–NS moduli of the kinetic terms of the chiral matter in a generic non-supersymmetric brane configurations with non-commuting open string fluxes. Near a N = 1 supersymmetric point the effective action is consistent with a Fayet–Iliopoulos supersymmetry breaking and the normalization of the… CONTINUE READING