Brane Mechanics

  • R. Abbaspur
  • Published 1999


In this paper, we investigate about two classes of physically distinct worldvolume solutions describing the propagation of an arbitrary brane probe in the presence of another arbitrary brane as the source of the supergravity background. One of these classes concerns a relatively moving parallel configuration of two flat branes, while the other class is related to a static configuration in which one of the branes is flat and the other is curved as a cylindrical hypersurface. Global symmetries of the worldvolume theory are used to show that both types of these solutions can be described as a set of ‘planner orbits’ which are parametrized by their ‘energy’ and ‘angular momentum’ (E, l) variables. The various phases of these orbits, for differnt values of (E, l), are distinguished from the graph of an energy-dependent function of a single variable, which is related to the ‘effective potential’ between the two branes.

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