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Branding Hospitality: Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices

  title={Branding Hospitality: Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices},
  author={Chekitan S. Dev and Glenn Withiam},
The core elements of brand management are to create a concept that fulfills customer needs and then to remain true to that concept in all aspects of the business. The ability to articulate a brand’s meaning and consistently operate according to that meaning has never been more critical, given the wide open window into the brand’s heart and soul created by the internet and social media. Participants in the second Cornell Brand Management Roundtable met in spring 2012 at the Cornell School of… 

Strategic Branding in Hospitality: Case of Accor Hotels

Branding strategy is used by hospitality companies for many years. One of the reasons behind it is to reach various segments ranging from luxury to economy. Guest loyalty is very important for



The Effect of Corporate Culture and Strategic Orientation on Financial Performance: An Analysis of South Korean Upscale and Luxury Hotels

Researchers have been studying the importance of an appropriate and effective culture to business success for over thirty years. A successful culture combined with a congruent strategic orientation

Emerging Marketing Channels in Hospitality: A Global Study of Internet-Enabled Flash Sales and Private Sales

The potential uses of flash deals or daily deals have caught the attention of many restaurant and hotel firms, as well as third-party distributors, such as Expedia. A survey of nearly 200

Unscrambling the Puzzling Matter of Online Consumer Ratings: An Exploratory Analysis

This study explores the patterns of online reviews of vacation homes from a community-based travel advisory website with a goal of understanding the biases inherent in online word of mouth (WOM)

The Role of Multi-Restaurant Reservation Sites in Restaurant Distribution Management

A study of 474 U.S. consumers documents the increasing popularity of sites that allow reservations at numerous restaurants—although the telephone remains by far the most common way to make a


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Your Hotel's " Green " Story: Developing an Effective Communication Strategy to Convey Environmental Values 1 Managing a Hotel's Reputation: Join the Conversation

  • Ph.D. 2012 Proceedings Vol. 4 No. 4 Connecting Customer Value to Social Media Strategies: Focus on India The International Hospitality Industry: Overcoming the Barriers to Growth The Intersection of Hospitality and Healthcare: Exploring Common Areas of Service Quality, Human Resources, and Marketing
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