Branching fractions for P3/2 decays in Ba+

  title={Branching fractions for 
 decays in 
  author={Zhiqiang Zhang and K J Arnold and Sapam Ranjita Chanu and Rattakorn Kaewuam and Marianna S. Safronova and M. D. Barrett},
  journal={Physical Review A},
Branching fractions for decays from the $P_{3/2}$ level in $^{138}$Ba$^+$ have been measured with a single laser-cooled ion. Decay probabilities to $S_{1/2}$, $D_{3/2}$ and $D_{5/2}$ are determined to be $0.741716(71)$, $0.028031(23)$ and $0.230253(61)$, respectively, which are an order of magnitude improvement over previous results. Our methodology only involves optical pumping and state detection, and is hence relatively free of systematic effects. Measurements are carried out in two… 

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