Branching-Time Logic Programming: The Language Cactus and its Applications

  title={Branching-Time Logic Programming: The Language Cactus and its Applications},
  author={P. Rondogiannis and M. Gergatsoulis and T. Panayiotopoulos},
  journal={Comput. Lang.},
  • P. Rondogiannis, M. Gergatsoulis, T. Panayiotopoulos
  • Published 1998
  • Computer Science
  • Comput. Lang.
  • Temporal programming languages provide a powerful means for the description and implementation of dynamic systems. However, most temporal languages are based on linear time, a fact that renders them unsuitable for certain types of applications (such as expressing properties of non-deterministic programs). In this paper we introduce the new temporal logic programming language Cactus, which is based on a branching notion of time. In Cactus, the truth value of a predicate depends on a hidden time… CONTINUE READING
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