Brainstem mechanisms of paradoxical (REM) sleep generation

  title={Brainstem mechanisms of paradoxical (REM) sleep generation},
  author={Pierre-Herv{\'e} Luppi and Olivier Cl{\'e}ment and Emilie Sapin and Christelle Peyron and Damien Gervasoni and Lucienne L{\'e}ger and Patrice Fort},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology},
Paradoxical sleep (PS) is characterized by EEG activation with a disappearance of muscle tone and the occurrence of rapid eye movements (REM) in contrast to slow-wave sleep (SWS, also known as non-REM sleep) identified by the presence of delta waves. Soon after the discovery of PS, it was demonstrated that the structures necessary and sufficient for its genesis are restricted to the brainstem. We review here recent results indicating that brainstem glutamatergic and GABAergic, rather than… CONTINUE READING
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