Brainstem glioma: I. Pathology, clinical features, and therapy.

  title={Brainstem glioma: I. Pathology, clinical features, and therapy.},
  author={B. L. Maria and Kai Rehder and Thomas A. Eskin and Lamia Hamed and Eileen B. Fennell and Ronald G. Quisling and J Parker Mickle and Robert B. Marcus and Walter E. Drane and Nancy Price Mendenhall},
  journal={Journal of child neurology},
  volume={8 2},
Gliomas that arise in the brain stem have been associated with a poor prognosis. Diagnostic neuroimaging readily identifies the tumor as it extends between normal brainstem structures. Histologic sampling of tumor with stereotactic methods is notoriously unreliable in establishing a definitive prognosis. Clinical trials that incorporate high-dose chemotherapy, autologous bone marrow rescue, and irradiation hold promise of better tumor control by overcoming the inaccessibility of the central… CONTINUE READING
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