Brainstem connections of the rat ventral respiratory subgroups: afferent projections.

  title={Brainstem connections of the rat ventral respiratory subgroups: afferent projections.},
  author={Pedro A Nunez-Abades and A M Morillo and Rosario P{\'a}saro},
  journal={Journal of the autonomic nervous system},
  volume={42 2},
Propriobulbar neurons having axonal projections to the Ventral Respiratory Group (VRG) were retrogradely labeled after discrete injections of Fast blue into one of the three physiologically identified subdivisions (Bötzinger Complex, rostral inspiratory and caudal expiratory regions). Neurons that project to these regions were found throughout the rostrocaudal extent of the medulla and the pons in a variety of areas known to have cardio-respiratory function. Labeled somata were located within… CONTINUE READING


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