Brainstem Seizure Severity Regulates Forebrain Seizure Expression in the Audiogenic Kindling Model

  title={Brainstem Seizure Severity Regulates Forebrain Seizure Expression in the Audiogenic Kindling Model},
  author={Michelle A. Merrill and Richard Wesley Clough and Phillip C. Jobe and Ronald A. Browning},
Summary:  Purpose: Although sound‐induced (audiogenic) seizures in the genetically epilepsy‐prone rat (GEPR) initially occur independent of the forebrain, repeated audiogenic seizures recruit forebrain seizure circuits in a process referred to as audiogenic kindling. In GEPR‐3s, audiogenic kindling results in facial and forelimb (F&F) clonic seizures that are typical of forebrain seizures. However, in GEPR‐9s, audiogenic kindling produces posttonic all‐limb clonus not usually observed during… 

Precipitous induction of audiogenic kindling by activation of adenylyl cyclase in the amygdala

This study attempted to mimic AGS kindling persistently in nonkindled GEPR‐9s by one‐time activation of AC in LA by mimicking adenylyl cyclase (AC) in LA.

Brainstem spreading depolarization and cortical dynamics during fatal seizures in Cacna1a S218L mice

The value of the homozygous Cacna1aS218L mouse model for identifying discriminative features of fatal compared to non-fatal seizures is underscored, and a key role for cortical neuronal suppression and brainstem spreading depolarization in SUDEP pathophysiology is supported.



Effect of Precollicular Transection on Audiogenic Seizures in Genetically Epilepsy-Prone Rats

Findings show that the anatomical circuitry required for generalized tonic-clonic seizures evoked by sound stimulation in rodents resides within the brain stem.

Modulation of Audiogenically Kindled Seizures by γ-Aminobutyric Acid-Related Mechanisms in the Amygdala

The present study examined the effect on audiogenically kindled seizures of focal microinjections into the AMG of GEPR-9s, and confirmed previous work suggesting that theAMG is not a required nucleus in the AGS neuronal network before kindling, but becomes critical in expansion of the seizure network during AGS kindling.