BrainX3: embodied exploration of neural data

  title={BrainX3: embodied exploration of neural data},
  author={Alberto Betella and Ryszard Cetnarski and Riccardo Zucca and Xerxes D. Arsiwalla and Enrique Mart{\'i}nez Bueno and Pedro Omedas and Anna Mura and Paul F. M. J. Verschure},
We present BrainX3 as a novel immersive and interactive technology for exploration of large biological data, which in this paper is customized towards brain networks. Unlike traditional machine-inference systems, BrainX3 posits a two-way coupling of human intuition to powerful machine computation to tackle the big data challenge. Furthermore, through unobtrusive wearable sensors, BrainX3 can infer user's states in terms of arousal and cognitive workload, thus changing the visualization and the… CONTINUE READING