BrainStorm is a collaborative project to build a software suite for EEG and MEG data visualization, modeling, and source imaging, with integration of MRI and fMRI information. BrainStorm is a Matlab-based toolbox distributed under the GNU public licensing and runs on any platform supporting Matlab. Forward models include multi-concentric spheres, fast EEG multisphere solutions, overlapping spheres, boundary elements with constant or linear approximations, collocation or Galerkin weighting, and optional isolated skull approach. Finite element methods and an atlas-based generic head model for use with EEG data have recently been added. Inverse methods include least-squares, RAP-MUSIC, LCMV, variations of regularized weighted minimum norms, and statistical testing for regions of statistically significant activity. Results can be viewed as locations in MRI slices or as 3-D renderings onto cortical surfaces. The data format architecture is well-documented to allow the advanced user access to any point in the workflow. The software, documents, and publications may be found at http://neuroimage.usc.edu/brainstorm.

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