Brain wars: Passion and conflict in the localization of vision in the brain

  title={Brain wars: Passion and conflict in the localization of vision in the brain},
  author={Ronald S. Fishman},
  journal={Documenta Ophthalmologica},
  • R. Fishman
  • Published 2005
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Documenta Ophthalmologica
David Ferrier and Hermann Munk, both pioneers in early brain research, engaged in a running controversy regarding the primary vision center in the brain. Both misinterpreted their experimental observations, but in different ways. Ferrier placed vision in the parietal lobe, Munk in the occipital lobe, However, Munk also felt he had observed a 'psychic blindness' in his animals, which was in reality only a central scotoma or other primary vision defect, and not the impairment of higher visual… 
Goltz against cerebral localization: Methodology and experimental practices.
  • J. P. Gamboa
  • Philosophy, Medicine
    Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences
  • 2020
It is shown that Goltz adhered to a falsificationist methodology, and it is reconstructed how he designed his experiments and weighted different kinds of evidence to trace one root of the debate to differences in how the German localizers designed their experiments and reasoned about evidence.


Ferrier's mistake revisited, or when it comes to the brain, nothing is simple.
  • R. Fishman
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Archives of neurology
  • 1995
The work of David Ferrier is reviewed, the British pioneer in the localization of function in the cerebral cortex, who mistakenly located the center for vision in the angular gyrus of the parietal lobe in his experiments on monkeys.
Higher Cortical Functions in Man
Among the authors' patients was a bookkeeper with a severe form of sensory aphasia who could still draw up the annual balance sheet in spite of severe disturbances of speech and although he was unable to remember the names of his subordinates and used to refer to them incorrectly.
XIX. A record of experiments on the effects of lesion of different regions of the cerebral hemispheres
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  • Psychology
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The facts recorded in this paper are partly the results of a research made conjointly by Drs. Ferrier and Yeo, aided by a grant from the British Medical Association, and partly of a research made by
A vision of the brain
The Retina And The Visual Image Functional Specialization In Human Cerebral Cortex The Representation Of The Retina In The Primary Visual Cortex Colour In The Cerebral Cortex The Evidence Against A
The Functions of the Brain
  • D. Ferrier
  • Psychology
    Edinburgh Medical Journal
  • 1887
Volume 1. Introduction Nick Wade Containing the Nervous System [1803] Idea of a New Anatomy of the Brain [1811], both by Charles Bell Volume 2. Dr F.J. Gall's System of the Functions of the Brain,
The doctrine of the nerves. Chapters in the history of neurology
A major point of interest on the Helmontian side is the emphasis laid in the present book on Boyle's preoccupation with the physical rather than the chemical properties of air the "spring of the air", its "elater" or elasticity leading to his famous "law".
The Principles of Psychology
I.TO give readers some idea of the contents of a good book is very often the most useful thing a reviewer can do. Unfortunately that course is not open to us in the present instance. The subject is
心理学原理 = The principles of psychology
Arguably the greatest single work in the history of psychology. James's analyses of habit, the nature of emotion, the phenomenology of attention, the stream of thought, the perception of space, and
Smoking and Cancer
The anaesthetist is forced to do a series of dangerous drugs of the relative composition of which he has only a vague idea, and on no gas machine, British or American, is there any means of indicating the exact gas or volatile anaesthetic concentration which the patient is breathing.
On the functions of the cortex
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