Brain uptake kinetics of nicotine and cotinine after chronic nicotine exposure.

  title={Brain uptake kinetics of nicotine and cotinine after chronic nicotine exposure.},
  author={Paul R. Lockman and Ghia McAfee and Werner J Geldenhuys and Cornelis J van der Schyf and Thomas J. Abbruscato and David D. Allen},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={314 2},
Blood-brain barrier (BBB) nicotine transfer has been well documented in view of the fact that this alkaloid is a cerebral blood flow marker. However, limited data are available that describe BBB penetration of the major tobacco alkaloids after chronic nicotine exposure. This question needs to be addressed, given long-term nicotine exposure alters both BBB function and morphology. In contrast to nicotine, it has been reported that cotinine (the major nicotine metabolite) does not penetrate the… CONTINUE READING


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