Brain tumors and pregnancy. Presentation of a case and a review of the literature.


A case of brain tumor complicating a full-term pregnancy is reported. The literature is reviewed to show the effect of pregnancy on these tumors, the method of diagnosis, and management. Pregnancy often unmasks the existence of an intracranial neoplasm. The diagnosis can easily be missed, as the symptoms such as headache, vomiting, visual disturbance etc. are often encountered in pregnancy with or without pre-eclampsia. A high index of suspicion on the part of the obstetrician is a key to timely diagnosis. Computerized axial tomography is extremely useful in confirming or refuting the diagnosis of brain tumor. Generally speaking, neurosurgical intervention is best deferred until after delivery. In most cases, pregnancy may be allowed to continue under close supervision until the baby is reasonably mature. Labor may be induced in suitable cases, and the baby should be delivered by elective forceps as soon as the second stage of labor is reached to cut down maternal bearing-down efforts.


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