Brain synaptosomal aging: free radicals and membrane fluidity.

  title={Brain synaptosomal aging: free radicals and membrane fluidity.},
  author={Jai H Choi and Byung Pal Yu},
  journal={Free radical biology & medicine},
  volume={18 2},
Dietary restriction was used in this study as a modulator of free radical reactions to examine the effects of age on the physico-biochemical property of synaptosomal membranes. Synaptosomal membranes were isolated from the frontal cortices of 6- and 24-month-old barrier-reared male Fischer 344 rats maintained on either an ad lib (AL) or a 40% diet restricted (DR) feeding schedule. The age-related production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) was only seen in the AL group, and dietary restriction… CONTINUE READING


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