Brain stem gliomas: an autopsy study of 25 cases.

  title={Brain stem gliomas: an autopsy study of 25 cases.},
  author={R V Mantravadi and Rutuja Phatak and Shashikumar S. Bellur and E J Liebner and Richard Eric Haas},
  volume={49 6},
The study analyzed the extent of tumor at autopsy in 25 patients with a brainstem glioma. Primary tumor in the pons comprised the majority of cases, followed by medulla and midbrain. Histologically, 48% of the tumors were glioblastoma multiforme. The tumor spread was found to be dependent on the site of origin and the grade. Pontine tumors involved the adjacent structures more extensively than the tumors of midbrain and medulla. Contiguous cephalad and caudad involvement was frequent with Grade… CONTINUE READING


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