Brain metabolism of ethanol and alcoholism: an update.

  title={Brain metabolism of ethanol and alcoholism: an update.},
  author={Luc{\'i}a Hip{\'o}lito and M. J. S{\'a}nchez and Ana Polache and Luis Granero},
  journal={Current drug metabolism},
  volume={8 7},
It has long been suggested that some of the neuropharmacological, neurochemical and behavioural effects of ethanol are mediated by its first metabolite, acetaldehyde. In spite of the well documented psychoactivity of acetaldehyde, the precise role of this compound in alcohol abuse remains a matter of intense debate among scientists devoted to the study of alcoholism. Very frequently, the main drawback has been related to the presence of adequate levels of acetaldehyde or its derivatives inside… CONTINUE READING


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