Brain emotional learning based intelligent controller for stepper motor trajectory tracking

  title={Brain emotional learning based intelligent controller for stepper motor trajectory tracking},
  author={Amir Mehdi Yazdani and Salinda Buyamin and Somaiyeh Mahmoudzadeh and Zuwairie Ibrahim and Mohd Fua'ad Rahmat},
  journal={International Journal of Physical Sciences},
Excellent attributes of permanent magnet stepper motor (PMSM) make it prominent in robotic, aerospace, and numerical machine applications. However, the problem of nonlinearity and presence of mechanical configuration changes, particularly in precision reference trajectory tracking, must be put into perspective. In this paper, a novel cognitive strategy based on the emotional learning in limbic system of mammalian’s brain is employed to establish an intelligent controller in order to provide the… 

Intelligent Speed Control of Hybrid Stepper Motor Considering Model Uncertainty Using Brain Emotional Learning

An implementation of the brain emotional learning-based intelligent controller (BELBIC) for precise speed tracking of the hybrid stepper motor (HSM) and its potential in dealing with nonlinearity and uncertainty handling as compared with that of the PI controller is presented.

A Brain Emotional Learning-based Prediction Model for the prediction of geomagnetic storms

  • Mahboobeh ParsapoorU. BilstrupB. Svensson
  • Computer Science
    2014 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems
  • 2014
A new type of brain emotional learning inspired models (BELIMs) is introduced that mimics the corresponding regions of the neural structure underlying fear conditioning and is employed to predict geomagnetic storms using the Disturbance Storm Time index.

Brain Emotional Learning-Based Prediction Model (For Long-Term Chaotic Prediction Applications)

  • Mahboobeh Parsapoor
  • Computer Science
  • 2016
The results show that BELPM has the capability to achieve a reasonable accuracy for long-term prediction of chaotic time series, using a limited amount of training data and a reasonably low computational time.

A real-test and simulation combined platform for developing intelligent tracking control of multirotors

PurposeThis study aims to minimize the risk of costly failures of flight tests during the path tracking control design, and a noble approach has been proposed in this study to put the whole

Prediction of Solar Cycle 24 Using a Connectionist Model of the Emotional System

This paper aims to apply a connectionist model of the brain to accurately forecasting solar activity, in particular, solar cycle 24, and the neuro-fuzzy method has been referred to as the brain emotional learning-based recurrent fuzzy system (BELRFS).


An architecture for a cognitive engine that is based on the emotional learning cycle instead of the traditional cognitive cycle is proposed and a computational model for artificial emotional learning based engine is suggested.

Prediction of solar cycle 24

  • Mahboobeh ParsapoorU. BilstrupB. Svensson
  • Computer Science
    2015 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN)
  • 2015
This paper aims to apply a connectionist model of the brain to accurately forecasting solar activity, in particular, solar cycle 24, and the obtained results are compared with well-known neuro-fuzzy methods and neural networks as well as with physical-based methods.

A Study on the Autonomous Decision Right of Emotional AI based on Analysis of 4th Wave Technology Availability in the Hyper-Linkage

The effects of artificial intelligence technology is social science research as research on the impact on industry and changes in daily life, etc. This means that developing `emotion AI` will prepare

Brain Emotional Learning-Inspired Models

  • Mahboobeh Parsapoor
  • Computer Science
  • 2014
The weighted k-nearest neighbor classifier is suggested as the basic classifier of ELiEC, an inspired architecture by brain emotional processing for classification applications.



Implementation of Emotional Controller for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive

This paper presents for the first time the real-time implementation of an emotional controller for interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) drives. The proposed novel controller is called

A fast model free intelligent controller based on fused emotions: A practical case implementation

In this paper a combination of brain emotional learning based intelligent controllers (BELBICs) is employed to control an unidentified practical overhead crane. The proposed controller is a model

Adaptation learning control scheme for a high performance permanent magnet stepper motor using online random training of neural networks

  • A. RubaaiR. Kotaru
  • Engineering
    Conference Record of the 1999 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. Thirty-Forth IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.99CH36370)
  • 1999
This paper addresses the problem of controlling the speed of a permanent magnet stepper motor assumed to operate in a high-performance drives environment. An artificial neural network control scheme

Motion Control of Omni-Directional Three-Wheel Robots by Brain-Emotional-Learning-Based Intelligent Controller

The results show that the brain-emotional-learning-based intelligent controller (BELBIC) with quadratic reward, comparable to linear-quadratic-regulator (LQR) control, is used in an omni-directional robot.

Implementation of Artificial Neural Network-Based Tracking Controller for High-Performance Stepper Motor Drives

Experimental results show the effectiveness of this approach, and demonstrate the usefulness of the proposed controller in high-performance drives.

A New Intelligent Controller for the Precision Tracking of Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor

  • S. Kamalasadan
  • Engineering
    2007 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting
  • 2007
A novel intelligent control scheme for the precise tracking of permanent magnet step motor (PMSM) under wide range of motor system parameters is proposed. The scheme consists of an online growing

Real-time embedded emotional controller

Brain emotional learning based intelligent controller, which is based on mammalian middle brain, is designed and implemented on field-programmable gate arrays, and this emotional controller is applied for controlling of laboratorial overhead traveling crane in model-free and embedded manner.

Introducing Belbic: Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller

This paper has adapted a computational model based on the limbic system in the mammalian brain for control engineering applications, and applied the proposed controller for some SISO, MIMO and nonlinear systems.