Brain development is impaired in c-fos −/− mice

  title={Brain development is impaired in c-fos −/− mice},
  author={Fabiola N. Velazquez and C{\'e}sar G. Prucca and Olivier Etienne and Diego S. D'Astolfo and David Carlos Silvestre and François Dominique Boussin and Beatriz L. Caputto},
c-Fos is a proto-oncogene involved in diverse cellular functions. Its deregulation has been associated to abnormal development and oncogenic progression. c-fos-/- mice are viable but present a reduction in their body weight and brain size. We examined the importance of c-Fos during neocortex development at 13.5, 14.5 and 16.5 days of gestation. At E14.5, neocortex thickness, apoptosis, mitosis and expression of markers along the different stages of Neural Stem Progenitor Cells (NSPCs… CONTINUE READING

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c - Fos is a proto - oncogene involved in diverse cellular functions .
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