Brain Topography of Emf-Induced Eeg-Changes in Restful Wakefulness: Tracing Current Effects, Targeting Future Prospects

  title={Brain Topography of Emf-Induced Eeg-Changes in Restful Wakefulness: Tracing Current Effects, Targeting Future Prospects},
  author={Biljana Gjoneska and S Markovska-Simoska and Hiie Hinrikus and Nada Pop-Jordanova and J. Pop-Jordanov},
  pages={103 - 112}
Abstract Introduction: Covering a handful of decades but spanning across two centuries, mobile phones announced the dawn of the technological revolution, standing at the forefront as its′ most prominent symbol. Over the course of their sovereign dominance, human generations born with the birth of the mobile phone reached the age of maturity, while scientific community started reaching for experience-based perceptivity. Aim: The following review serves as a short-cut across a half-decade old… 

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Short-term radiofrequency exposure from new generation mobile phones reduces EEG alpha power with no effects on cognitive performance

The results imply that the brain networks underlying global alpha oscillations might require minor reconfiguration to adapt to the local biophysical changes caused by focal RF exposure mimicking MP use.

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GSM phone cause more effect to the subject rather than smartphone, which is why nowadays, most of the people use smartphone compared to GSM phone, because smartphone is user friendly and have less radiation.

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It is discussed that environmental contaminants with estrogenic capacity such as bisphenol A (BPA) could develop pharmacological effects similar to those of E2, which could affect ß-pancreatic cell function by increasing the biosynthesis of glucose-induced insulin after extranuclear ER binding.



Response to comments by Balzano and Swicord on “neurophysiological effects of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on humans: A comprehensive review”

It is concluded that MP-EMFs may influence normal physiology through changes in cortical excitability and that in future research particular care should be dedicated to both methodological and statistical control.

The effect of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on the alpha rhythm of human electroencephalogram.

The present study tested one of the strongest findings in the literature; that of increased "alpha" power in response to MP-type radiation, and supported previous research that has reported an effect of MP exposure on EEG alpha power.


The results suggested that cellular phones may reversibly influence the human brain, inducing abnormal slow waves in EEG of awake persons.

No increased sensitivity in brain activity of adolescents exposed to mobile phone-like emissions

Comparison of the effects of continuous and pulsed mobile phone like RF exposure on the human EEG

This fully counterbalanced cross-over design tried to replicate the modulation linked post exposure alpha band power increase described above, but with an exposure source more closely resembling that of a real GSM handset and the possible GSM exposure related effects on the non-linear features of the resting electroencephalogram using the Approximate Entropy (ApEn) method of analysis.

Changes in human EEG caused by low level modulated microwave stimulation

In the majority of cases, photic stimulation caused changes in the EEG energy level in the occipital and microwave stimulation in the frontal region, while microwave stimulation effects became apparent, starting from the third stimulation cycle.

Effects of mobile phone electromagnetic fields: Critical evaluation of behavioral and neurophysiological studies

Previous findings with respect to study design and data analysis found no evidence of subjective symptoms attributed to mobile phone radiation, suggesting psychological reasons for inducing such symptoms in hypersensitive people.

Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields on the Human Nervous System

Although there is some evidence emerging that there may be an effect of exposure to a GSM-type signal on sleep EEG, results are still variable and changes have never been found to relate to any adverse health effects.