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Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences

  title={Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences},
  author={Rebecca M. Jordan-Young},
Female and male brains are different, thanks to hormones coursing through the brain before birth. That's taught as fact in psychology textbooks, academic journals, and bestselling books. And these hardwired differences explain everything from sexual orientation to gender identity, to why there aren't more women physicists or more stay-at-home dads. In this compelling book, Rebecca Jordan-Young takes on the evidence that sex differences are hardwired into the brain. Analyzing virtually all… 
The Sexed Brain: Between Science and Ideology
Despite tremendous advances in neuroscience, the topic “brain, sex and gender” remains a matter of misleading interpretations, that go well beyond the bounds of science. In the 19th century, the
A trip down memory lane about sex differences in the brain
  • T. Shors
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
  • 2016
The inclusion of females in scientific research has been a long time coming but it comes with a history and scientists should take advantage of that history to generate hypotheses that are both reasonable and meaningful.
Neuro Nonsense
No one disputes that male and female brains are different or that males and females differ in their accomplishments. But are these two facts related? A few years ago Harvard President Larry Summers
Gender on the Brain: A Case Study of Science Communication in the New Media Environment
A case study tracks the journey of one high-profile study of neurobiological sex differences from its scientific publication through various layers of the public domain and suggests that embedding stereotype patterns in neuroscience may intensify their rhetorical potency by lending them the epistemic authority of science.
Tempests and tales: challenges to the study of sex differences in the brain
Two recent popular press books which challenge the notion that there are biological sex differences in the brain are reviewed, Rebecca J. Jordan-Young's Brainstorm and Cordelia Fine's delusions of gender.
The Politics of Plasticity. Sex and Gender in the 21st Century Brain
The Politics of Plasticity examines how sex and gender are imag(in)ed in the 21st century brain. At the beginning of this century, the idea that the brain is plastic (i.e. that its structure and
Values and Evidence in Feminist Philosophy and in Neuroscience
Feminist critics of neuroscience have often focused on research that searches for a neural basis for purported sex/gender differences in behavior or psychological characteristics. Their analyses have
Hardwired for Sexism? Approaches to Sex/Gender in Neuroscience
Evidence has long suggested that ‘hardwiring’ is a poor metaphor for brain development. But the metaphor may be an apt one for the dominant paradigm for researching sex differences, which pushes most
Is There Neurosexism in Functional Neuroimaging Investigations of Sex Differences?
The neuroscientific investigation of sex differences has an unsavoury past, in which scientific claims reinforced and legitimated gender roles in ways that were not scientifically justified. Feminist
Rethinking Gender Politics in Laboratories and Neuroscience Research: The Case of Spatial Abilities in Math Performance
What does it mean to practice socially responsible science on controversial issues? In a fresh turn focussing on the neuroscientists’ responsibility in producing knowledge about politically charged