Brain MRI Tumor Segmentation with 3D Intracranial Structure Deformation Features


Extraction of relevant features is of significant importance for brain tumor segmentation systems. To improve brain tumor segmentation accuracy, the authors present an improved feature extraction component that takes advantage of the correlation between intracranial structure deformation and the compression resulting from brain tumor growth. Using 3D nonrigid registration and deformation modeling techniques, the component measures lateral ventricular (LaV) deformation in volumetric magnetic resonance images. By verifying the location of the extracted LaV deformation feature data and applying the features on brain tumor segmentation with widely used classification algorithms, the authors evaluate the proposed component qualitatively and quantitatively with promising results on 11 datasets comprising real and simulated patient images.

DOI: 10.1109/MIS.2015.93

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@article{Jui2016BrainMT, title={Brain MRI Tumor Segmentation with 3D Intracranial Structure Deformation Features}, author={Shang-Ling Jui and Shichen Zhang and Weilun Xiong and Fangxiaoqi Yu and Mingjian Fu and Dongmei Wang and Aboul Ella Hassanien and Kai Xiao}, journal={IEEE Intelligent Systems}, year={2016}, volume={31}, pages={66-76} }