Brain, kidney and liver 203Hg-methyl mercury uptake in the rat: relationship to the neutral amino acid carrier.


To investigate the effect of L-neutral amino acids on tissue levels of methyl mercury in the adult animal, rats were infused into the external jugular vein with solutions containing a) 0.05 mM 203Hg-MeHgCl and saline, b) 0.05 mM 203Hg-MgHgCl-0.1 mM L-cysteine, c) 0.05 mM 203Hg-MeHgCl-0.1 mM L-cysteine-0.1 mM L-cysteine-0.1 mM L-methionine, d) 0.05 mM 203Hg… (More)


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