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Braid Group Statistics and their Superselection Rules

  title={Braid Group Statistics and their Superselection Rules},
  author={Karl-Henning Rehren}
We present recent results on the statistics in low-dimensional quantum field theory. They are described by unitary representations of the braid group. We discuss the structure of the “reduced field bundle” which is a charged field algebra exhibiting the braid group in its commutation relations (“exchange algebra”). We systematize results about the superselection rules for sectors with braid group statistics. 

Quantum symmetry and braid group statistics inG-spin models

In two-dimensional lattice spin systems in which the spins take values in a finite groupG we find a non-Abelian “parafermion” field of the formorder x disorder that carries an action of the Hopf

Kosaki-Longo index and classification of charges in 2D quantum spin models

We consider charge superselection sectors of two-dimensional quantum spin models corresponding to cone localisable charges, and prove that the number of equivalence classes of such charges is bounded

On the Structure and Representation Theory of Rational Chiral Conformal Theories

THIS IS AN UNFINISHED DRAFT!!! We give a pedagogical and self-contained account of the theory developed in[25]. We also prove some new results, in particular complete reducibility and Möbius

The CPT and Bisognano-Wichmann Theorems for Anyons and Plektons in d = 2 + 1

We prove the Bisognano-Wichmann and CPT theorems for massive theories obeying braid group statistics in three-dimensional Minkowski space. We start from first principles of local relativistic quantum

Braided Categories of Endomorphisms as Invariants for Local Quantum Field Theories

We want to establish the “braided action” (defined in the paper) of the DHR category on a universal environment algebra as a complete invariant for completely rational chiral conformal quantum field


Unitary representations of centrally extended mapping class groups , g ≥ 1 are given in terms of a rational Hopf algebra H, and a related generalization of the Verlinde formula is presented. Formulae

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We survey operator algebraic approach to (super)conformal field theory. We discuss representation theory, classification results, full and boundary conformal field theories, relations to supervertex

Quantum Chains of Hopf Algebras with Quantum Double Cosymmetry

Abstract:Given a finite dimensional C*-Hopf algebra H and its dual Ĥ we construct the infinite crossed product and study its superselection sectors in the framework of algebraic quantum field theory.

Bantay's trace in unitary modular tensor categories




Space-time fields and exchange fields

We derive discrete symmetries of braid group statistics related to charge conjugation and outer automorphisms of the local algebra. The structure of the latter (which are abelian superselection

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