Bradykinin-lnduced Immediate Skin Reactions and H 1-Blockade

  title={Bradykinin-lnduced Immediate Skin Reactions and H 1-Blockade},
  author={J. Procaccino and Rihouxa and R. and Fadelb},
Skin reactivity Bradykinin H1 antihistamine Correspondence to: Dr. J. P. Rihoux, UCB S.a.‚ B–1420 Braine-l’Alleud (Belgium) Introduction Skin reactivity to bradykinin (BK) has been studied in the past by different investigators using a range of techniques. In these studies, the agonist BK was injected intra-dermally (i.d.) at various concentrations (expressed in μg or rẁí) and volumes, and different skin parameters were measured: itch, wheal and/or erythema. When H| antihistamines were tested… CONTINUE READING