Brachycephalization in the head form of school girls in North Kyushu.

  title={Brachycephalization in the head form of school girls in North Kyushu.},
  author={Torahiko Nakashima},
  journal={Journal of UOEH},
  volume={8 4},
The maximum head-length and head-breadth of school girls in Kitakyushu city were measured. The purpose of this study is to prove the recent brachycephalic incidence of Japanese. The mean of cephalic index (the percentage ratio of maximum head-breadth to maximum head-length) of these girls is 87.0 indicating hyperbrachycephalic incidence. Since the cephalic indexes of the female farm workers in North Kyushu about 30 years ago were 81.0 and 81.1, the remarkable increase of the cephalic index in… CONTINUE READING


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