Brachiopoda from the southern Indian Ocean (recent)

  title={Brachiopoda from the southern Indian Ocean (recent)},
  author={G. A. Cooper},
Cooper, G. Arthur. Brachiopoda from the Southern Indian Ocean (Recent). Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, number 43, 93 pages, 30 figures, 14 plates, 1 table, 1981.—Specimens collected from 120 stations around and between the subantarctic islands: Marion, Prince Edward, Crozet, Kerguelen, Heard, Amsterdam, and St. Paul by the M / S Marion Dufresne with the support of Terres Australes et Antarctiques Francaises, Paris, greatly increase our knowledge of the brachiopoda of the Indian… Expand
Upper Oligocene (Chattian) brachiopod fauna from the Aquitaine Basin, southwestern France and its paleoenvironmental implications
ABSTRACT Brachiopods from the Upper Oligocene (Chattian), Aquitaine Basin, southwestern France comprise nine species in seven genera: Novocrania Lee & Brunton, 2001, Terebratulina d'Orbigny, 1847,Expand
The present-day Mediterranean brachiopod fauna: diversity, life habits, biogeography and paleobiogeography
A previous dearth of material from the eastern Mediterranean has now been at least partially remedied by new records from the coasts of Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, and, in particular, Lebanon and the southern Aegean Sea. Expand
Cenozoic and recent inarticulate brachiopods of New Zealand: Discinisca, Pelagodiscus and Neocrania
Abstract Four species of acrotretide brachiopods are present in the Tertiary and Recent of New Zealand. Discinisca sp. is reported from Paleogene rocks on the Chatham Islands. Two new localities forExpand
Selected Oxfordian brachiopods from Zalas (Cracow Upland, Poland)
Small brachiopods of the families Craniidae Menke, 1828 and Thecidellinidae Elliott, 1958 were selected from the Oxfordian sequence which lies transgressively upon a Variscan rhyodacite laccoliteExpand
Recent brachiopods from the Persian Gulf and their biogeographical significance
The disjunct geographical distribution of Discradisca suggests this genus is a relict of an ancient Tethyan fauna and this fauna shows biogeographical affinities to the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean faunas. Expand
Recent Brachiopoda from the Mozambique-Madagascar area, western Indian Ocean
A comparison of the overall Madagascar brachiopod biota with those of other parts of the Indian Ocean shows a strong similarity to faunas from southern Africa, with 12 out of 25 species common to both areas. Expand
Biodiversity of shallow-water brachiopods from New Caledonia, SW Pacific, with description of a new species
SUMMARY: Twelve species of recent brachiopods belonging to the genera Lingula, Discradisca, Novocrania, Xenobrochus, Eucalathis, Frenulina, Argyrotheca, Campages, Thecidellina and Lacazella wereExpand
First Record of Brachiopods from the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, South Central Pacific
ABSTRACT Two species of Recent brachiopods, Eucalathis cf. murrayi and Frenulina sanguinolenta, have been identified in the collection from the Musorstom 9 Expedition to the Marquesas Islands inExpand
Late Cretaceous brachiopods of the Perth and Carnarvon Basins, Western Australia
Late Cretaceous deposits outcrop in the Perth and Carnarvon Basms in Western Australia. Brachiopods occur in the Gingin Chalk in the Perth Basin and in the Toolonga Calcilutite, Korojon CalcareniteExpand
Check-list of holocene brachiopods annotated with geographical ranges of species
All known data on the composition of extant and extinct Pleistocene brachiopods are summarized based on of the author’s identification of domestic and some foreign (Danish, French, German, andExpand