• Published 1995 in Treatment review


An extract of SPV-30, a herbal compound called Boxwood, has exhibited anti-HIV activity in lab tests and a small, placebo controlled trial. Arkopharma, the French company that makes the extract, has agreed to donate Boxwood for ten informal studies in the U.S. Each study will enroll forty to fifty people and last six months. Information can be obtained by calling David Stokes at (617) 424-9195. Participants will need blood tests, a PCR test, or a p24 antigen test. Patients who have just started new medications must wait two months before starting SPV-30, and they will have to change their other drug treatments and supplements for six months. The Network has buyer club information for SPV-30 as well as information about the study, should someone have trouble providing the blood tests required, or if their insurance does not cover the cost of the blood work.

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