Bovine immunoglobulin G subclass receptor sites on bovine macrophages.

  title={Bovine immunoglobulin G subclass receptor sites on bovine macrophages.},
  author={Carlo Riccardo Rossi and George K. Kiesel},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={38 7},
Macrophage cultures were initiated from bovine peripheral blood monocytes. The following antiserums were prepared: rabbit immunoglobulin (Ig) M anti-sheep erythrocyte (RBC) serum, bovine IgG1 anti-rabbit Ig serum, and bovine IgG2 anti-rabbit Ig serum. Erythrocytes treated singly with any of these serums failed to mediate attachment of RBC to macrophages. Erythrocytes treated with rabbit IgM anti-sheep RBC serum followed by either bovine IgG 1 or IgG2 anti-rabbit Ig serum attached to bovine… CONTINUE READING

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