Bovine brain GO isoforms have distinct gamma subunit compositions.

  title={Bovine brain GO isoforms have distinct gamma subunit compositions.},
  author={Michael D. Wilcox and Jane Dingus and E A Balcueva and W. McIntire and Nomita Mehta and Kevin L. Schey and Janet D. Robishaw and John D. Hildebrandt},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={270 9},
The gamma subunit composition of the major bovine brain Go and Gi proteins (GOA, GOB, GOC, Gi1, and Gi2) was characterized using antibodies against specific gamma isoforms. Each of the purified G protein heterotrimers contained a heterogeneous population of gamma subunits, and the profiles of the gamma subunits found with Gi1, Gi2, and GOA were similar. In contrast, each GO isoform had a distinct pattern of associated gamma subunits. These differences were surprising given that all three alpha… CONTINUE READING