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Bovine Colostrum and Athletic Performance What We Can Learn from the Super Athlete

  title={Bovine Colostrum and Athletic Performance What We Can Learn from the Super Athlete},
  author={D. A. Wyatt},


The effectiveness of oral goat colostrum in the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: our preliminary experience.
The effects of colostrum are presumably linked to increased levels of IGF-1 that improves the utilization of glucose, stimulates glycogen and protein synthesis, and normalization of blood glucose levels.
Colostrum supplementation protects against exercise - induced oxidative stress in skeletal muscle in mice
Daily bovine colostrum supplementation was beneficial to skeletal muscle to reduce the oxidant-induced damage during muscular exercise and increase the total antioxidant levels in the leg muscle.
Targeting the insulin growth factor receptor 1.
The role of the IGF axis in the initiation and progression of cancer is reviewed, and the recent advances in IGF inhibition as a therapeutic tool are described.
The Benefits of HGH Without the Cost or Side Effects Reverses Osteoporosis , Fights Infections , and Stops Cancer
  • 2012
The nutriceutical bovine colostrum truncates the increase in gut permeability caused by heavy exercise in athletes.
Colostrum may have value in enhancing athletic performance and preventing heat stroke, and in doing so may be a potential moderator of such effects.
Effect of bovine colostrum supplementation on respiratory tract mucosal defenses in swimmers.
There was no measurable effect on immunoglobulin levels of consuming BC, which is in contrast to effects that have been reported previously in marathon runners, indicating that the effect of BC supplementation is not universal in all groups of athletes.
Prevention of flu episodes with colostrum and Bifivir compared with vaccination: an epidemiological, registry study.
The administration of immunomodulators is very cost effective and appears to be more effective than vaccination to prevent flu.
Bovine Colostrum Supplementation and Exercise Performance
A review of studies investigating the influence of BC supplementation on exercise performance suggests that BC supplementation is most effective during periods of high-intensity training and recovery from high- intensity training, possibly as a result of increased plasma IGF-1, improved intramuscular buffering capacity, increases in lean body mass and increases in salivary IgA.
Health-promoting effects of bovine colostrum in Type 2 diabetic patients can reduce blood glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride and ketones.
It is suggested that BC can decrease levels of blood glucose and ketones, as well as reduce cholesterol and TGs, all of which may cause complications in Type 2 diabetic patients.
Concentrated bovine colostrum protein supplementation reduces the incidence of self-reported symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection in adult males
Preliminary evidence that CBC may enhance resistance to the development of symptoms of URTI is provided, suggesting that concentrated bovine colostrum protein may prevent upper respiratory tract infection in adult males.