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Boutiques: a flexible framework for automated application integration in computing platforms

  title={Boutiques: a flexible framework for automated application integration in computing platforms},
  author={T. Glatard and Gregory Kiar and Tristan Aumentado-Armstrong and Natacha Beck and Pierre Bellec and R{\'e}mi Bernard and Axel Bonnet and Sorina Camarasu-Pop and F. Cervenansky and S. Das and Rafael Ferreira da Silva and G. Flandin and P. Girard and Krzysztof J. Gorgolewski and Charles R. G. Guttmann and Val{\'e}rie Hayot-Sasson and P. Quirion and P. Rioux and Marc-Etienne Rousseau and Alan C. Evans},
We present Boutiques, a system to automatically publish, integrate and execute applications across computational platforms. Boutiques applications are installed through software containers described in a rich and flexible JSON language. A set of core tools facilitate the construction, validation, import, execution, and publishing of applications. Boutiques is currently supported by several distinct virtual research platforms, and it has been used to describe dozens of applications in the… Expand
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