Bourbaki's Art of Memory

  title={Bourbaki's Art of Memory},
  author={Liliane Beaulieu},
  pages={219 - 251}
L'histoire de Bourbaki, un pseudonyme derriere lequel se dissimule un groupe de mathematiciens du 20e siecle, principalement francais, qui ont publie un ouvrage intitule Elements de mathematique, un panorama de plusieurs domaines des mathematiques qui demontre leurs structures communes. 
An End to National Science: The Meaning and the Extension of Local Knowledgeh
  • L. Pyenson
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • History of science; an annual review of literature, research and teaching
  • 2002
La science est un savoir locale valide mondialement qui progresse a l'echelon local mais juge ses progres selon des normes precises au niveau transnational. Expand
Those who wish to teach in the lycées and collèges of France must obtain a Certificat d’Aptitude au Professorat de l’Enseignement du Second Degré, commonly called the CAPES. For that certificate, theExpand
L' entre-deux-guerres mathématique à travers les thèses soutenues en France
L'entre-deux-guerres mathematique est etudie a partir des 242 theses en sciences mathematiques soutenues en France. Ce corpus est analyse a trois niveaux differents. L'analyse de premier niveauExpand
The myth and the medal
The weekend before the start of the 2014 International Congress of Mathemati- cians, I contributed an op-ed to the New York Times about the history of the Fields Medal. The article treated two topicsExpand
The Future of Mathematics in Economics: A Philosophically Grounded Proposal
The use of mathematics in economics has been widely discussed. The philosophical discussion on what mathematics is remains unsettled on why it can be applied to the study of the real world. WeExpand
From a structural point of view
In this thesis I argue for in re structuralism in the philosophy of mathematics. In the first chapters of the thesis I argue that there is a genuine epistemic access problem for Platonism, that theExpand
The Myth and the Medal Michael J
T he weekend before the start of the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians, I contributed an op-ed to the New York Times about the history of the Fields Medal. The article treated two topicsExpand
Introduction to Representation Theory
Very roughly speaking, representation theory studies symmetry in linear spaces. It is a beautiful mathematical subject which has many applications, ranging from number theory and combinatorics toExpand
[Die Republik gegen das Kollektiv: Zwei Geschichten von Kollaboration und Konkurrenz in der modernen Wissenschaft].
The Autorin untersucht verschiedene Auswirkungen of Linus Pauling and Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Praktiken auf das personliche Ansehen des Direktors and der Mitarbeiter, and schliest mit der Frage, ob eine kollektive Wissenschaft moglich ist. Expand


Entre mémoire et histoire
Dans cet article l’auteur analyse la maniere dont la Seconde Guerre mondiale a ete representee a la television. Entre memoire et histoire, entre divertissement et pedagogie, entre controlesExpand
Cahiers du Sc'minaire D'histoire des Math,'matiques de linstitut Henri-Poincare
  • The full story of the pseudonym is told and analyzed in Beaulieu
  • 1986
A counterfactual aside may be in order here: had Andre Weil remained in France and obtained the prominent position that he sought at the College de France
  • 1971
The first fascicle of the Eliments de mathe'matique was published in 1939. 64 For military metaphors, see, for instance, the details on the meeting of
  • Apprenticeship of a Mathematician
  • 1938
Elements de mathematique (cit. n. 22), book I, Theorie des ensembles: Fasicule de Resultats
    Pierre Cartier (Montreal
    • From my interviews with Henri Cartan
    The conditions and forms of the Bourbaki social pact, an essential element of the group's social makeup, are given in Beaulieu