Bounds on the quality of approximate solutions to the Group Steiner Problem

  title={Bounds on the quality of approximate solutions to the Group Steiner Problem},
  author={Edmund Ihler},
The Group Steiner Problem (GSP) is a generalized version of the well known Steiner Problem. For an undirected, connected distance graph with groups of required vertices and Steiner vertices, GSP asks for a shortest connected subgraph, containing at least one vertex of each group. As the Steiner Problem is NP-hard, GSP is too, and we are interested in approximation algorithms. EEcient approximation algorithms have already been proposed, but nothing about the quality of any approximate solution… CONTINUE READING


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graphs without Steiner vertices and constant distance function, i.e. all edges have unit length, is as hard as the problem with Steiner vertices and positive rational distance function

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