Bounding Shared-Stack Usage in Systems with Offsets and Precedences

  title={Bounding Shared-Stack Usage in Systems with Offsets and Precedences},
  author={Markus Bohlin and Kaj H{\"a}nninen and Jukka M{\"a}ki-Turja and Jan Carlson and Mikael Nolin},
  journal={2008 Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems},
The paper presents two novel methods to bound the stack memory used in preemptive, shared stack, real-time systems. The first method is based on branch-and-bound search for possible preemption patterns, and the second one approximates the first in polynomial time. The work extends previous methods by considering a more general task-model, in which all tasks can share the same stack. In addition, the new methods account for precedence and offset relations. Thus, the methods give tight bounds for… CONTINUE READING