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Bounded perturbations of the Heisenberg commutation relation via dilation theory

  title={Bounded perturbations of the Heisenberg commutation relation via dilation theory},
  author={M. Gerhold and Orr Shalit},
. We extend the notion of dilation distance to strongly continuous one-parameter unitary groups. If the dilation distance between two such groups is finite, then these groups can be represented on the same space in such a way that their generators have the same domain and are in fact a bounded perturbation of one another. This result extends to d -tuples of one-parameter unitary groups. We apply our results to the Weyl canonical commutation relations, and as a special case we recover the result… 



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The space of all d ‐tuples of unitaries u=(u1,…,ud) is studied using dilation theory and matrix ranges to find the minimal dilation constant c=c(u,v) such that u≺cv, and the metrics dD and dHR are equivalent to the Hausdorff distance between the matrix ranges of the tuples.

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Let $q = e^{i \theta} \in \mathbb{T}$ (where $\theta \in \mathbb{R}$), and let $u,v$ be $q$-commuting unitaries, i.e., $u$ and $v$ are unitaries such that $vu = quv$. In this paper we find the

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