Bounded Context Switching for Valence Systems

  title={Bounded Context Switching for Valence Systems},
  author={Roland Meyer and Sebastian Muskalla and Georg Zetzsche},
We study valence systems, finite-control programs over infinite-state memories modeled in terms of graph monoids. Our contribution is a notion of bounded context switching (BCS). Valence systems generalize pushdowns, concurrent pushdowns, and Petri nets. In these settings, our definition conservatively generalizes existing notions. The main finding is that reachability within a bounded number of context switches is in NP, independent of the memory (the graph monoid). Our proof is genuinely… Expand
Scope-Bounded Reachability in Valence Systems
This work proposes a notion of scope boundedness that coincides with the classical notion when the storage mechanism happens to be a multi-pushdown and shows that with this notion, reachability can be decided in PSPACE for every storage mechanism in the framework. Expand
Reachability of scope-bounded multistack pushdown systems
The semantics of a multi-stack pushdown system with scope-bounded matching relations are restricted such that a symbol that is pushed onto a stack can be popped only within a given number of contexts involving s, i.e., the scope of matching push and pop transitions is bound. Expand
Context-Bounded Verification of Thread Pools
The main result, the EXPSPACE upper bound, is derived using a sequence of new succinct encoding techniques of independent language-theoretic interest, which shows a polynomial-time construction of downward closures of languages accepted by succinct pushdown automata as doubly succinct nondeterministic finite automata. Expand


The Language Theory of Bounded Context-Switching
This paper considers the language theory of these models: concurrent recursive programs with finite data domains that communicate using shared memory and work within k round-robin rounds of context-switches, and where further the stack operations are made visible (as in visibly pushdown automata), and shows that these automata are determinizable as well. Expand
On the Reachability Analysis of Acyclic Networks of Pushdown Systems
It is proved mainly that the reachability problem between recognizable sets of configurations is decidable for acyclic networks of pushdown systems, and that for lossy channel pushdown networks, the channel language is effectively recognizable. Expand
On Bounded Reachability Analysis of Shared Memory Systems
This paper addresses the reachability problem for pushdown systems communicating via shared memory and proposes a restriction on the behaviours of such systems, called stage bound, towards decidability. Expand
Context-Bounded Analysis of Concurrent Queue Systems
We show that the bounded context-switching reachability problem for concurrent finite systems communicating using unbounded FIFO queues is decidable, where in each context a process reads from onlyExpand
On the Complexity of Bounded Context Switching
A parameterized analysis of BCS and proves that BCS admits no polynomial kernel, and an algorithm that solves BCS when parameterized by the number of context switches and the size of the memory in O*(m^ (cs)2^(cs)). Expand
Reachability of Multistack Pushdown Systems with Scope-Bounded Matching Relations
This paper proposes a restriction of the semantics of the general model such that a symbol that is pushed onto a stack can be popped only within a bounded number of context-switches. Expand
The Emptiness Problem for Valence Automata over Graph Monoids
  • G. Zetzsche
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Inf. Comput.
  • 2021
A model that naturally generalizes both pushdown Petri nets and the priority multicounter machines introduced by Reinhardt is presented, and is shown that this model can be combined with another such extension by Atig and Ganty. Expand
Synchronisation- and Reversal-Bounded Analysis of Multithreaded Programs with Counters
It is shown that the synchronisation-bounded reachability problem can be efficiently reduced to the satisfaction of an existential Presburger formula, meaning the problem is NP-complete and can be tackled with efficient SMT solvers such as Z3. Expand
The tree width of auxiliary storage
This work outlines a uniform mechanism to derive emptiness algorithms for automata, explaining and simplifying several existing results, as well as proving new decidability results. Expand
Controllers for the Verification of Communicating Multi-pushdown Systems
The aim is to design controllers that observe/restrict the system so that it stays within the verified under-approximation, and to construct a distributed controller with the desired properties and establish the decidability of verification problems for this class. Expand