Boundary values in range spaces of co-analytic truncated Toeplitz operators

  title={Boundary values in range spaces of co-analytic truncated Toeplitz operators},
  author={Andreas Hartmann and William T. Ross},
  journal={Publicacions Matematiques},
Functions in backward shift invariant subspaces have nice analytic continuation properties outside the spectrum of the inner function de ning the space. Inside the spectrum of the inner function, Ahern and Clark showed that under some distribution condition on the zeros and the singular measure of the inner function, it is possible to obtain non-tangential boundary values of every function in the backward shift invariant subspace as well as for their derivatives up to a certain order. Here we… 

Range Spaces of Co-Analytic Toeplitz Operators

Abstract In this paper we discuss the range of a co-analytic Toeplitz operator. These range spaces are closely related to de Branges–Rovnyak spaces (in some cases they are equal as sets). In order to

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We define the dual truncated Toeplitz operators and give some basic properties of them. In particular, spectrum and reducing subspaces of some special dual truncated Toeplitz operator are

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Preface 16. The spaces M(A) and H(A) 17. Hilbert spaces inside H2 18. The structure of H(b) and H(bI ) 19. Geometric representation of H(b) spaces 20. Representation theorems for H(b) and H(bI ) 21.

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One of the most important notions in connection with the study of analytic functions is that of analytic continuation. Several recent investigations have encountered situations where there is

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In this paper, we give an integral representation for the boundary values of derivatives of functions of the de Branges--Rovnyak spaces $\HH(b)$, where $b$ is in the unit ball of $H^\infty(\CC_+)$.

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Together with the companion volume by the same author, Operators, Functions, and Systems: An Easy Reading. Volume 2: Model Operators and Systems, Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, Vol. 93, AMS,

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We review some results on regularity on the boundary in spaces of analytic functions on the unit disk connected with backward shift invariant subspaces in Hp.

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Compressions of Toeplitz operators to coinvariant subspaces of H2 are studied. Several characerizations of such operators are obtained; in particular, those of rank one are described. The paper is

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Preliminaries.- Hp Spaces.- Conjugate Functions.- Some Extremal Problems.- Some Uniform Algebra.- Bounded Mean Oscillation.- Interpolating Sequences.- The Corona Construction.- Douglas Algebras.-

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where {a,} is a Blaschke sequence (E(1 [ a , ] ) < ~ ) (gv/]a~] ~ 1 is unde r s tood whenever a , =0 ) , a is a finite, posi t ive, cont inuous, s ingular measure , a n d r~ >~0, ~ r v < ~ . I n th