Boundaries and Things. A Metaphysical Study of the Brentano-Chisholm Theory

  title={Boundaries and Things. A Metaphysical Study of the Brentano-Chisholm Theory},
  author={Gonzalo Nu{\~n}ez Erices},
  journal={KRITERION – Journal of Philosophy},
  pages={15 - 48}
Abstract The fact that boundaries are ontologically dependent entities is agreed by Franz Brentano and Roderick Chisholm. This article studies both authors as a single metaphysical account about boundaries. The Brentano-Chisholm theory understands that boundaries and the objects to which they belong hold a mutual relationship of ontological dependence: the existence of a boundary depends upon a continuum of higher spatial dimensionality, but also is a conditio sine qua non for the existence of… 
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