Bound states in the continuum and Fano resonances in the strong mode coupling regime

  title={Bound states in the continuum and Fano resonances in the strong mode coupling regime},
  author={Andrey A. Bogdanov and Kirill L. Koshelev and Polina Kapitanova and Mikhail V. Rybin and Sergey A. Gladyshev and Zarina F. Sadrieva and Kirill Samusev and Yuri S. Kivshar and Mikhail Limonov},
  journal={Advanced Photonics},
  pages={016001 - 016001}
Abstract. The study of resonant dielectric nanostructures with a high refractive index is a new research direction in the nanoscale optics and metamaterial-inspired nanophotonics. Because of the unique optically induced electric and magnetic Mie resonances, high-index nanoscale structures are expected to complement or even replace different plasmonic components in a range of potential applications. We study a strong coupling between modes of a single subwavelength high-index dielectric… 

Meta-optics and bound states in the continuum.

We discuss the recent advances in meta-optics and nanophotonics associated with the physics of bound states in the continuum (BICs). Such resonant states appear due to a strong coupling between leaky

Observation of Supercavity Modes in Subwavelength Dielectric Resonators

The experimental observation of the supercavity modes in subwavelength ceramic resonators in the radio-frequency range is presented and it is experimentally demonstrated that the regime of superc Cavity modes can be achieved via precise tuning of the resonator's dimensions.

Extraordinary Multipole Modes and Ultra-Enhanced Optical Lateral Force by Chirality.

It is unveiled that extraordinary multipoles can be simultaneously superpositioned in a chiral nanocylinder, such as two toroidal dipoles with opposite moments, and electric and magnetic sextupoles.

High-Q resonances governed by the quasi-bound states in the continuum in all-dielectric metasurfaces

The realization of high- Q resonances in a silicon metasurface with various broken-symmetry blocks is reported. Theoretical analysis reveals that the sharp resonances in the metasurfaces originate

Plasmonic bound states in the continuum to tailor light-matter coupling

Plasmon resonances play a pivotal role in enhancing light-matter interactions in nanophotonics, but their low-quality factors have hindered applications demanding high spectral selectivity. Here, we

Plasmonic nanocavity for obtaining bound state in the continuum in silicon waveguides.

This study proposes a supercavity-like plasmonic nanocavity consisting of an Au nanorod deposited inside an Au symmetric split ring, and explores the possibility of exciting quasi-BICs that own finite but high quality (Q) factors.

Manipulating Optical Scattering of Quasi-BIC in Dielectric Metasurface with Off-Center Hole

It can be found that far-field radiation from one BIC evolves from electric-quadrupole-dominant radiation to toroidal-dipole-Dominant radiation, whereas the other one shows electric-dIPole-like radiation due to the interference of the magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole with the increasing asymmetric parameters.

Lattice‐Enhanced Fano Resonances from Bound States in the Continuum Metasurfaces

Fano resonances in metamaterials are known for their high quality (Q) factor and high sensitivity to external perturbations, which makes them attractive for sensors, lasers, and nonlinear and slow

Nonradiating photonics with resonant dielectric nanostructures

Abstract Nonradiating sources of energy have traditionally been studied in quantum mechanics and astrophysics but have received very little attention in the photonics community. This situation has

Cascades of Fano Resonances in Scattering by a Mesoscale Spherical Particle in the Superresonance Mode

Broadband light illumination of a mesoscale dielectric sphere makes it possible to reveal new effects that associated with super resonance mode. These include the possibility of generating high-order



Fundamental and high-order anapoles in all-dielectric metamaterials via Fano–Feshbach modes competition

This work investigates the formation of anapole states in generic dielectric structures by applying a Fano-Feshbach projection scheme, a general technique widely used in the study of quantum mechanical open systems and shows how anapoles states are the result of a complex interaction among the resonances of the system and the surrounding environment.

Fano resonances in photonic crystal slabs near optical bound states in the continuum

Photonic crystal slabs are able to support optical bound states in the continuum. The latter are eigenmodes of the structure that are truly guided (no radiation leakage) despite the fact that they

Fano resonances in photonics

The importance of the Fano resonance concept is recognized across multiple fields of physics. In this Review, Fano resonance is explored in the context of optics, with particular emphasis on

Formation of Bound States in the Continuum in Hybrid Plasmonic-Photonic Systems.

The strong coupling of photonic waveguide modes are strongly coupled to the gap plasmons in the grating, leading to an avoided crossing behavior with a high value of Rabi splitting of 150 meV and the strong coupling significantly alters the band diagram of the hybrid system, revealing opportunities for supporting stopped light at an off-Γ wide angular span.

Transition from Optical Bound States in the Continuum to Leaky Resonances: Role of Substrate and Roughness

Optical bound states in the continuum (BIC) are localized states with energy lying above the light line and having infinite lifetime. Any losses taking place in real systems result in transformation

Switching from Visibility to Invisibility via Fano Resonances: Theory and Experiment

It is demonstrated that the suppression of light scattering for any direction of observation can be achieved for a uniform dielectric object with high refractive index, in a sharp contrast to the cloaking with multilayered plasmonic structures suggested previously.

Electromagnetic bound states in the radiation continuum for periodic double arrays of subwavelength dielectric cylinders

Electromagnetic bound states in the radiation continuum are studied for periodic double arrays of subwavelength dielectric cylinders in TM polarization. They are similar to localized waveguide mode

Photonic-crystal exciton-polaritons in monolayer semiconductors

Sub-wavelength-thick, one-dimensional photonic crystals are demonstrated as a designable, compact, and practical platform for strong coupling with atomically thin van der Waals crystals.

Ab initio theory of Fano resonances in plasmonic nanostructures and metamaterials

An ab initio theory for Fano resonances in plasmonic nanostructures and metamaterials is de- veloped using Feshbach formalism. It reveals the role played by the electromagnetic modes and material

Effect of perturbations on the widths of narrow morphology-dependent resonances in Mie scattering

The extremely narrow morphology-dependent resonances of a microdroplet seen in Mie scattering are important for the nonlinear optical phenomena in these microdroplets, the large storage time being