Bound state properties from the Functional Renormalisation Group.

  title={Bound state properties from the Functional Renormalisation Group.},
  author={R. Alkofer and Alisa J. Maas and Walid Ahmed Mian and Mario Mitter and Jordi Par'is-L'opez and Jan M. Pawlowski and Nicolas Wink},
We discuss an approach for accessing bound state properties, like mass and decay width, of a theory within the functional renormalisation group approach. An important cornerstone is the dynamical hadronization technique for resonant interaction channels. The general framework is exemplified and put to work within the two-flavour quark-meson model. This model provides a low-energy description of the dynamics of two-flavour QCD with quark and hadronic degrees of freedom. We compare explicitly the… CONTINUE READING
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